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InstaDeCarb Ain't Smell Proof ... But It's EASY!!!

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 3 years ago4 min read

Going off what I have read a few places and a bit of my own judgment on this. My instincts tell me not too cook my weed prior to extraction but everything I read also does not include the lengthy cooking process I usually use.



First DeCarb With InstaPot

NOTE If you hear anyone say it is smell proof they are exaggerating heavily. Much less smell than typical methods since the containers are closed but the InstaPot does vent and you will have to open the mason jars of cooked weed. This method is not 100% discrete but about 10x better than open air cooking and trying to just use fans to push smell outside.
Tip This comes as an after thought, place the InstaPot on a leveled cutting board over your stove top elements. Point the vent at the hood vent prior to starting and nearly 100% of the steam & smell gets pulled outside during decarb process.




  • 4 x 8oz Mason Jars & Lids - best fit for my machine
  • 1 Oz Shake/Trim/Bud
  • InstaPot Duo with Canning Rack
  • Cooling Towel - be careful putting down the hot glass
  • Oven Mitts - shit gets got AF
  • Tongs - just in case



How To: KISS InstaDeCarb Method DeCarb

(Keeping It Stupidly Simple)

  • Bust Weed - as dry as possible and the finer the better for extraction but will have more sediment
  • Weed In Jars - divide weed evenly between jars approx 7 grams and seal lid finger tight
  • Jars In Pot - place in InstaPot on canning rack(off bottom) and fill with water 2/3 up the side of jars then close lid
  • Decarb - make sure vent is closed and pressure cook on high 40 mins. When timer done manual release vent
  • Cool - BE FREAKING CAREFUL - when pressure release pin drops carefully using oven mitts or tongs(if on side submerged in water) take out mason jars and place on cooling towel
  • Done - once cool to the touch open carefully and continue too processing, be aware the vacuum in the jar will make the weed "spray" if opened quickly




  • Quick - faster than anything else I have done without needing to check on it constantly
  • Clean - other then the mess you make busting weed everything is contained
  • Discrete - potential to be able to funnel majority of the smell into air circulation systems or even using the InstaPot itself outside
  • Consistency - I did notice some spots getting a little darker than others but over all for the trade off of discretion and simplicity it is something that can be adjusted for by lowering cooking times I would assume


Next will be the InstaButter and InstaRSO ✌
Till Next Time Stoners
Smokem' If Yea Gottem'


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