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Here Is Hoping While I Play With It - Daily D00k13 Dec-17-2020

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago3 min read

What's up DTube? How you doin' Angels? My name is Cam and I go by @d00k13 most places. Coming at you today with this vlog sharing my thoughts on my current life situation while playing with OBS as always. While chatting I am playing with XSplit for removing the background of my IPhone 6s to get a high quality image to layover vs the Logitech camera I picked up cheap. Thank you to everyone who happened to donate after my last #DTubeSnap ... I actually didn't even think about it ... still don't even know where to start ... how do you run a fundraiser here? It was stupidly simple on Facebook including the payment processing but when it comes to doing it through blockchain I don't have any idea where to even start?

I see so many around me able to get projects going .. utilizing the tech in various different ways yet I am still just an observer .. as an observer I can organize thus my focus on documentation will continue.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!!!

That’s It @D00k13 OUT!!!

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