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#HappyHempDay Highlights – July 8, 2020

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago6 min read

What it is Stoners? I hope you have had a moment at some point over the last several weeks to check out the Happy Hemp Day show. Things are really starting to get interesting, week after week proving the show is a slice all its own. This show we had surprise guest @BrettBlue, my brother from another mother, talking about his interest in Silver. SO STOKED for his appearance as with it he brought something special for our community … without further ado …


#HappyHempDay Highlights – July 8, 2020


I figure I should stop picking favorite shows, not fair to me or the guests as with each person comes specific highlights … each show will be my new favorite for all its own reasons LOL. Again, we had a full house with the GreenHouseRadio fam Jon, Frank & Relay also first-time listener @FutureMind. Mostly quiet on the audience side for this show till we had @BrettBlue show up and we conducted a little on the fly Interview proving my system to be efficient as long as I have someone to manage the guest roles for me, thank you Jon & Frank!


Giant Shout Out to Jon (@Canna-Curate) & Frank White (@GreenHouseRadio)

I want to state for the record I have found so very few people in this world like myself. Deeply caring and with a tendency to go out of their way to aide someone in need. People who have yet to be tarnished by life and insist on aiming to live through the lens of childlike innocent. You guys, Jon #Canna-Curate & Frank #GreenHouseRadio have been a blessing … true One Lovers

This Show:

News by @joeyslliks aka @GrahamSvorten on Smoke.io
THE WASH DAILY with Joey SLLiks CANNABIS NEWS REPORT CBD use skyrocketing in colleges as is anxiety CANNABIS NEWS REPORT... Despite Tennessee, Nashville got D.A.Funk

Please remember to follow up, Like & Subscribe to his YouTube Channel, he is our #HappyHempDay movement founder!

#SmokeNetwork Curation

Please remember to follow up with engagement, one top level comment on each post below will be selected using @RelayLogix's Kief Tools for 100% vote from myself & @OneLoveSmoke all other engagement will be voted upon at my discretion.

Grow Update: Finally chopped my auto

Finally chopped my auto an WTF wow 92gs my scale off by .3, it's still wet when i scale it and I know it will still lose more weight but I wished I had a whole plant of this because she is so solid and hasn't had water in 6days.


Calling All Growers! Calling All Growers! Calling All Growers!!

If you recall last year we had The Solo Cup Challenge, where we set off to see who could harvest the most herb using just a Solo Cup. @mjgeeks won that challenge with a whopping 1 oz! Well this challenge is the same, but instead of a Solo Cup, we are challenging you growers with a Tetra-Pak.


T-Pak Challenge, Featuring Santa's Kandy

Hello Smokers and Jokers! So excited to get a cool contest going on. Hopefully we can jump start something special here. Instagram has all the action, but we know that Block Chain far more superior


Strain Review-Gelato(#33)

It has been a long while since ive posted anything, been tramping out of state the last year, finally home for awhile, got some fine herb from a dispensary(a first for me), @relaylogix said i should do a review, so on that note...

410 autoflower

What a sexy cola on the 410 autoflower

Upcoming Smoke.io Waffle & Show Progression

WTF? A Waffle? Well long story short, @BrettBlue is hosting a raffle and doing so requires in FB it not be called a raffle rather a waffle … I dunno … point is on stream Brett gave us the first freebie to give away. 1oz of Silver worth approx. $32 Canadian and will be hosting this as on ongoing event for the Smoke Network. We have started a Group and linked it to our Page see links below. This will work 2-fold, opportunity to win some awesome shit in terms of physical investment/crypto or maybe swag … who knows … also as a means to promote our community to people with obvious investment mindsets. We talked further about some physical silver "Smoke.io" coins and basically all we need is a design, any input is appreciated. Please keep in touch with Brett on this subject if your interested.

Smoke.io Canadian Waffle House

Smoke.io Facebook

Now to get those highlights from last week finished, start the ones from this week … also get the Mailchimp setup finished and send it all out in emails … lots to do but I am feeling much lighter after hosting this show, thank you everyone that has tuned in!

Till Next Time Smokers,

@D00k13 OUT!!!

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