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#HappyHempDay Highlights - July 15, 2020

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago8 min read

Happy Hemp Day everyone LOL welcome to the highlights of our weekly $#!+ show where I drop a @D00k13 live for all to see LOL. I Felt this week's show was a little off kilter, not sure why but it all seemed rushed while reviewing the video. @Jonyoudyer & @Relaylogix pointed it out to be first in chat right at the wrap up of the show. I appreciate the feedback guys as how am I supposed to learn without it! Despite my obvious concerns with time and complications I believe I brought a decent show though I skipped the usual live curation segment I still have an idea for the Kief Tools comment picker this week.



#HappyHempDay Highlights - July 15, 2020

My takeaway from this show is personal growth. I took the time to meditate a little this morning before writing and I feel I understand where my hosting complications extend from. I am learning and with that will come errors and like everything I do I will highlight the screw ups just as much as the successes so hopefully others may learn from my mistakes … on that note lets start with


Show Progression

To put the problem in a nutshell, the show launch takes time and moments are needed to follow up on success of streams. Not 100% my error but it is my failure to account for it. The work load at launch while trying to get into my "hosting mindset" is conflicting since to host I must wind down and the complications and time taken adds to the pressure I feel to perform winding me up … I know it sounds as if I am complaining but here is where the answer comes in … In future I will have a Opening /Waiting/Closing "Scene" in OBS which plays music as the primary entertainment. I will also carry that music source into the normal stream as background music like I do in vlogs. My hope is that the music even just as a background will be a distraction from silence on air which is what I seem to be fighting.

The one full background "scene" in OBS will be without background music for highlighting video & audio of content viewed. Most importantly of all I am starting the writing of my show & the corresponding highlight post at the same time hopefully allowing time directly after show to grab the best clip to include in the highlights and send that out to social media(IG & FB).

The fancy stuff I have been playing with for the stream is relative to branded & animated overlays, animated transitions, guest only video & audio obfuscation. So far nothing has come out quite how I would like thus the reason for a pre-show restart last stream. The last piece to the puzzle will be OBS on my witness rig with web sockets so I may capture via network connection but that must wait as once again projects are stacking … I almost need another vacation to really focus on these things … all that said I still managed to cover the important community subjects for the week!


Community Projects

First and foremost, I want to express that the recent emphasis from within the SMOKE community to get things done is greatly appreciated by everyone including the big man himself @Stoner. I have touched base with Viking in discord who has a meeting scheduled to discuss many of the subjects we have been bringing up as of late. We as a community getting engaged, doing development, reaching for new opportunities, speaking about what we love, we have been the driving force behind SMOKE and proving to be effective in our own ways.

Privex Smoke-in-a-Box VPS Hosting Solution: Feedback Request

As recent months have brought huge changes to the graphene blockchain scene, new potential partnerships have opened up in the scene which once started with Steem, and the Smoke blockchain forked from as well. One of those possibilities is the option that Privex.io may offer "Smoke-in-a-box" hosting plans to interested witnesses.

Please do follow up with your support and engagement on @Unnamed's post about a possible easy solution for up and coming witnesses for the #SmokeNetwork. Starting at $10/month I believe this would be a good opportunity to open the door to as soon as we possibly can! Great idea @Unnamed!

SMOKE on Tip.cc


Started by @RelayLogix we see that on the listing file for tip.cc SMOKE is on the list to be added! I believe this works with the Hive-Engine peg token so it also supports our new listing. Great work Relay I will most definitely be figuring out how to use the service for SMOKE tipping live on show once it is all working!

Working on Ionomy.io Listing


@SkyLineBuds has gotten ahold of the application and I believe start the process. Not wanting to mislead I will leave it at that though it is something I think we should all be aware of. This listing alone will be huge for us though I have heard from Frank in @GreenHouseRadio about being blocked at ISP level. Though we are small community of Smokers I do believe he have proven to be fairly passionate about keeping our project alive and since this is a newer exchange, I see potential to see each other's success into the future!

Let the Tetra Pak Challenge commence - Day 1 - Post 1

Are you as excited as I am to have this challenge going on.

@jonyoudter and I have talked and thought it would be epic to make this a cross social challenge. with this news, we want to welcome weed cash people to the mix. It doesn't stop at that our aim is to get the tetrapak tag trending across the whole cannabis space. So you will find the tetrapak challenge growing long and wide on all social media from smoke to youtube to cannabis groups on Facebook.


This is all about doing the best that you can do and being proud of each other for having achieved the challenge. Please do check it out and while you're at it follow up with engagement on the contest post above as that will be this week's Kief Rewards … told yea I had a plan … I would love to see all of our community stop in on that post, so I have plenty to reward! I can bet I will be getting my baby ready this weekend for participation myself!

Upcoming Raffle


Finally, is the project by @BrettBlue and I hosting a weekly raffle. We are still building and deciding best ways to proceed forwards. Things as of this moment I think are full stop as @BrettBlue as of yesterday at 9am is a father, again? He has been refathered … anyways he how has two munchins to take care of so I assume we will wait at least till some form of normality returns. Do join and keep your eyes peeled for the first raffle, a freebie giveaway!


#HappyHempDay LIVE Show Today (Every Wednesday) At 4PM PST – WATCH HERE

On my page you will find a working stream using the restream widget in case of YouTube errors. Also, on that page is a discord chat widget plumbed directly into the #ghro channel on the @Canna-Curate discord.


Join the conversation in #Canna-Curate discord on #GreenHouseRadio – JOIN DISCORD SERVER HERE

We have a show nearly every day. From important discussions to hang and chill session, even a few shit shows (mine lol) we all try bring our A game to hosting in our own @GreenHouseRadio styles. Please join the #Canna-Curate discord directly to be part of our shows.


I Hope You Enjoyed You Happy Hemp Day? Let Me Know How You Chill Each Week In The Comments Below.

@D00k13 OUT!!!


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