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GEEKOTO Tripod Unboxing & Review - D00k13 Digest

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago

What up my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest! Coming at you today with an unboxing and review of my new GEEKOTO Tripod which came in this last week. I chose this one for how multi functional it is while also being extremely sturdy which will alow me to use it for everything. One piece of equipment to solve the majority of my frame positioning issues whether it be on the go or at home 👌

Very pleased with this Tripod, being my first I do not have much to reference against but I do see how it will make what I am trying to shoot much easier to focus on along with framing myself in the computer nook a little easier! Very, Very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend the GEEKOTO Warrior Tripod!

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