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DTube Main-Net! Where Do We Go From Here? - LIVE From The Heart

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

We have made it to the #DTube Main-Net. Been listed on exchanges. Experienced an uptick in user activity. Remained above ICO since listing. Now What?

Topics This Stream:

  • Liquidity will help market evaluation and investor confidence
  • All user activity is good activity
  • DTube Coin Price VS DTube Value
  • How can we all help?

Back into a daily we now have a new regular Co-Host for the #OneLoveDTube #FromTheHeart Live Streams. Our hosts @D00k13, @BirdInc and mix master @MendoShawan with Eclectic Ear Food will keep your ear holes vibrating energic frequencies to heal your soul.

Always Live From The Heart 💖 Join the conversation in OneLoveDTube Discord:
8:30AM UTC-8 American Western
11:30AM UTC-5 American Eastern

OneLoveDTube Community Resources

Working Doc - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmYJYcUnR7DqgpsiQEpl4B9PH-PZig
Under Construction - https://oneloved.tube
Uploader - https://uploader.oneloved.tube
OneLoveIPFS - https://oneloveipfs.com
DTube Block Explorer - https://blocks.oneloved.tube
Community Portal - https://dtube.techcoderx.com
DTube Price Listings - https://dtube.fso.ovh/

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