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DTube Leader Update, News, Top Leaders & Richlist - D00k13 Digest 2021-03-01

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

Just Sharing What I Am Preoccupied With

What is going on guys and gals of DTube. Today I am coming at you with the first of a monthly post highlighting recent DTube News, Consensus Leaders and the DTube RichList. This post will be on the first of every month, hopefully in future posts I will have more detailed information and timelines to talk about. The one thing we know for sure can be looked forwards too in the near future is launch of live streaming on DTube and Hive with Alive Protocol. Secondly, just before posting this, I have gotten word from @brishtiteveja that his Beta DTube Portal at https://dtube.club is now available for testing.

DTube News

  • Highlighting DTube Consensus Leaders
  • Checking out the DTube RichList
  • My Node Crash?
  • @TechCoderX is now Mr.D.Tube 😘
  • @Steeminator covering stuck DTC
  • #OriginalDTuber by @TibFox
  • @Brishtiteveja working on D.Tube UI
  • D.Tube is looking for Developers & Mobile Developers
  • Alive Protocol means live streaming on DTube

Leaders List / RichList

A note on things as of late, it seems precarious at best but "seems" is the key word. Change is the only sure path to growth and I believe we have finally started actually discussing the needed changes.

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Uploader - https://uploader.oneloved.tube
OneLoveIPFS - https://oneloveipfs.com
DTube Block Explorer - https://blocks.oneloved.tube
Beta Portal - https://dtube.club
DTube Price Listings - https://dtube.fso.ovh/

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