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Doing Summer Maintenance Working Skip The Dishes I Found Something Unexpected - Daily D00k13

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

What up my Peeps? Welcome to the Daily @D00k13, heading out in this video to do the needed car maintenance for #SkipTheDishes I discovered something rather alarming nearby the tire shop.

Super thankful I was able to locate the little wheely dealy for our apartment, made getting the tires out to the car so much simpler. I had help with loading the car and my neighbourhood kindly asked me not to include that footage and I had not thought to capture anything without him. Thank you for the help loading my dear friend and to the tire shop for storing my tires, next year this will not be an issue.

While waiting I took Jerry for a walk discovering a bit of a not so nice area that was before a little get away just off the beaten path... check out how gross it got... next video will be the complete walk around 😬

That's It, @D00k13 OUT!!!

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