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Canna Fest 2020 - Date In Video Updated

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Saturday, August 29th starting at 4:20 Est
Live DJ's
Live Stream Smoke Session, all day!
Cannabis Cup
Joint rolling competition
And more!

Cannabis Cup
Ok so here is how this will work. Starting today all the way to the 29th, post your bud pics here. Make sure to use the tag #cannacup.

Growers cup(You have to grow your own to compete)
Buyers Choice(To give everyone a chance to participate, this is open for those who do not grow)
Best Concentrate
Best edible
*Since this is being judged by viewing alone, creativity on your post is a must

Joint Rolling Competition
Make a post of you rolling a joint
Can be a blunt, cannagar, pinner, whatever
Use tag #cannacup

Just have fun
The meetup will start at 4:20 EST. Basically we will be hanging out in Discord, live streaming to Youtube, Vimm, and wherever else we can get to. Everyone is welcome to join, and to add suggestions on what we can do to spice things up. Various prizes in the form of crypto, and merchandise from the @thelogicaldude's store. Hope to see you there!

Join The #Canna-Curate Discord:

Canna Fest 2020 Announcement Post:

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