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A Rockstar Smokin’ Promotion

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago5 min read

Heading out last night for the usual walk with Jerry after a long day at work. Deciding to swing by my spot while smokin' on a little Rockstar.


Smoke.io Promotion

Proudly sporting my blockchain swag everywhere I go noticing that cars slow down to check out the white signage on this night walking hoodlums back. Have had the police roll up slowly a few times but my confidence keeps them from stopping … they slow down to stare at me and I stop to eye ball them right back! LOL what they gonna do? Seize my doobie? LMAO there is a reason I'm wearing all black but they ain't gonna figure it out by searching me


This time I noticed most of the cards were taken almost immediately, the four HHD-Lumber cards were not touched at all. Many more of the tabs taken off the flyer. Looks as if someone ripped the flyer trying to take a tab and was kind enough to return it. More evidence this is a good spot specifically due to respecting my efforts to put up the flyers and cards.

I tried one other spot and found the locals of that area tear it down as soon as I walk away despite other related flyers. Where my one good spot is located I'm now familiar with the shops and parking lot maintenance staff having been seen and asked about it several times … the Smoke.io bag on my back is a dead giveaway … I now know all the shops in this complex approve of such topics having recently rezoned the entire complex for a Cannabis Dispensary to open(waiting on licensing).


New banner and 4 more cards of 4 styles later I am pleased with the results even without knowing if anyone is actually signing up … I can't control that part … Once this batch of cards is done I'm thinking of making a design specific to the Happy Hemp Day Show. Maybe open the door to a new user introduction segment, who are you and what are you about?

Being legal to possess, grow and smoke here in Canada I hope to get a few local businesses to leverage my promotional efforts. I want to target products and companies I can personally stand behind such as the big one Hemp4Paws from Vancouver and humble home made remedies of Green Balm off SaltSpring Island. PS I am not wanting to endorse illegal distribution thus the focus will remain on products made from Cannabis or Hemp which can be readily found in shops or online(assuming legal sale).


Smokin' Rockstar

Here I go again proudly displaying my swag with a nice bud of Rockstar on top.

A $100 OZ of Rockstar from my buddy up island smoked already, almost forgot to showcase the nugs. The entire bag is was big fluffyish buds like the one above. Smoked well and all that but however my buddy is growing his bud it always has a specific way of busting. Not a bad thing at all rather it relates to easy doobie rolling.

Yea know how busting up dense bud often requires picking up little pieces and making sure they are snipped small enough to burn? With the structure of bud I get from my buddy no matter what strain it tends to crumble yet is not overly dry. Always very sticky but not the kinda sticky where the bud compresses while being rolled. Does not stick to the paper or itself much just to your fingers?

Reminds me of brown sugar from my years in baking. Watch when you dump out a bag of loose brown sugar. The sugar will naturally settle slowly moving in the bin for minutes afterwards slightly clinging to itself but only with a weak force(quickly decaying).


The Happy Hemp Day Mid-Week Chill Reminder is an hour long video call in talk-show discussing Cannabis News, Alternative Investments, and Topics of Interest. Join us LIVE 4PM PT Wednesday's and don't forget ... show your support for camel culture, saying hump is insensitive. Say "HEMP" not "HUMP"!

We on GHRO have shows nearly every day. From important discussions to hang and chill sessions, even a few shit shows (mine lol) we all try bring our A game to hosting in our own #GreenHouseRadio styles. Please join the #Canna-Curate discord directly to be part of our presentations.

Have something you wish to say? Found news of importance to empower our fellow stoners?

Join the Conversation in @Canna-Curate Discord

Till Next Time Stoners...

Smokem' If Yea Gottem', @D00k13 OUT!!!

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