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Norns updates - Improved price feed scripts & documentation changes

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Norn chart

About the Norns

The Norns are a set of three Algorithm Based Assets (Urthr, Verthandi & Skuld) issued on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange. They use Bitshares as collateral, reference an oscillating quantity of Bitshares, are 120 degrees offset from one another and have an approximate amplitude of 5.303% over a 28 day period.

What's changed?

  • Some nodes went down with '503' errors causing the price feed publishing script to get stuck. This was resolved by adding alternative servers to the full node server list.
  • Removed the following permissions from the Norns:
    • Market fees - It's now impossible to impose market fees on the Norns.
    • Allow issuer to force global settlement - It's now impossible for the asset issuer to force a global settlement. Asset holders can still trigger a force settlement, don't worry.
  • Updated the 'about' document to reflect the permission changes.
  • Updated the parallel price feed script - It now calculates the three asset's waveform values less frequently, eliminating unnecessary compute resource consumption. It does this by checking how long its been since the last published price feed and estimates how much the feed value would have changed & if it's less than the publisher configured minimum it skips the expensive sine wave calculation.
  • Updated the simulator spreadsheet - There's a new tab which includes the calculations used to produce the static in the price feed script

The list of active price feed publishers has increased to 6!

sc-ol, zapata42-witness, hertz-feed, delegate.ihashfury, taconator-witness & delegate-1.lafona


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