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Blockchain Activity Google Assistant Action Updated!

customminer4 months ago3 min read

Blockchain Activity v12 deployed to production!


  • Changes to the listing page, shown above.
  • Added implicit invocation discovery to multiple intents - improving likelihood of the action being suggested to new users.
  • Replaced the list selector response with a tablecard within the Blockchain Activity report intent, shown below. This improves the ability to read the statistics and reduces user input complexity. Rather than selecting a cryptocurrency from the report, they can ask for its price, description and where to trade the cryptocurrencies through conversation.
  • Migrated from static in-line JSON data to a Firebase Firestore improving the speed at which new cryptocurrencies can be integrated, and avoiding having to redeploy the Firebase cloud function every time we want to change cryptocurrency or exchange details.
  • Moved all images to a Google cloud storage bucket, no more hot-linking of images.
  • Fixed the handling of cryptocurrency input variables when interacting with several of the implicit triggered intents. In the past you'd have perhaps experienced the action not understanding which crypto you were saying, this has been addressed.
  • Updated supported cryptos to the following: BCH, BTC, BTS, DASH, DOGE, EOS, ETC, ETH, GOLOS, KIN, KMD, LTC, NANO, SCR, STEEM, TFD, TLOS, VET, WAVES, WAX, XMR, ZEC


  • Improve the conversational design, introducing personality and conversational variance to the action, so as to not sound like a robotic voicemail interface.
  • Add 'repeat that' intent, enabling users to ask the action to repeat themselves, this is likely with a speaker based device.
  • Market the action more, so as to acquire an userbase.
  • Produce a better banner & icon.
  • Integrate i18n, translate dialogflow training phrases, entities and static Firebase function strings to multiple languages.
  • Add 'popularity vote' intent, allowing users to vote on which cryptocurrency they like the most.

How to help?

Go try the bot, see how it works with your devices, report any issues and consider leaving an honest review. The more users who use it, the more it'll be promoted to the global Google Assistant audience!

See it in action!

Requesting a blockchain activity report

As mentioned in the updates, the list selector has been replaced with a table card. The table card has been recently introduced and makes more sense for displaying the Blockchain Activity report, if users want other cryptocurrency info they can ask for it rather than being forced to pick one of the cryptocurrencies.

Requesting info on supported cryptocurrencies

The user can ask for a simple description of each supported cryptocurrency, they're provided imagery and links related to the requested crypto.


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