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BOID a Supercomputer on EOS platform

cryptomaniacsgrPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago3 min read


I think everyone here already know about EOS Blockchain and it's huge potential. EOS Blockchain is capable to host dapps which are supported by smart contracts like Ethereum, but with huge difference in scalability compared to Ethereum by doing million transactions per second with the Ethereum Blockchain only able to process about 15 transactions every second.

Boid is one of those dapps on EOS Blockchain, a social supercomputer that allows to it's users to contribute unused computation power to medical research, climatology research, astronomy research, machine learning and earn rewards in the form of Boid tokens!

I joined the @beyondbitcoin Boid team and our Boid power now used to map cancer markers!
Special thanks to @moonunit that with his post informed us about Boid!

Joining Boid


To join Boid is quite simple, you just have to visit their website and make an account there, you can do that by following my referral link:


By following my link you will automatically join the BeyondBitcoin Boid team and i will appreciate it if you do, that's not bind you forever you can change team anytime you want.

Once you create an account you have to install the Boid app, that currently is only available for PC.


There is nothing complicated to do this, a normal program installation to your computer and will take less than a minute. All the settings on the app is pretty easy and you will manage to set it all by yourself self just by exploring it.

Link your EOS account

Boid has an internal wallet to track your balance, but you will need to use scatter to link your EOS account to got paid your Boid tokens or stake them for better rewards!

If you don't have an EOS account you can make one for free by using the murmur app, see a detailed tutorial here:


Getting Scatter is very easy, just visit the scatter official site https://get-scatter.com and choose the version you need.
Once you install it you have only to import your EOS wallet and you are ready. If you don't know how to setup your scatter take a look to @moonunit's tutorial Here

Don't miss to visit @beyondbitcoin's post
https://whaleshares.io/@beyondbitcoin/boid-get-connected-challenge join the team and get some awesome rewards!!
To get your rewards you have to follow some simple steps.
What are you waiting for?

Join Boid

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