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Cryptobridge to Close ...The end of BitShares?

cryptick1Posted to Public4 months ago2 min read

BitShares has had an interesting run. But Cryptobridge, the number one portal for the BitShares ecosystem is closing. This could be the end of BitShares. Users have until Dec 15, 2019 to withdraw funds. Basically, Cryptobridge is not making enough money.
More on that here.

That said, an era is coming to an end.

So Let's take a look back. Although crypto-bridge was long known for having crappy low quality coins, it had about 636? of them compared to open ledger's 122?, and Gdex's 48?; rudex's 38?.

BitShares has suffered numerous issues, falling user activity, global settlement, and the Cn-vote consortium which ended the development budget by voting up the refund400K nonworking worker proposal. It is sort of sad, as many have put in a lot of work. However, potential does not equal results. And there was potential, and excitement. We need results.

Numerous attempts over the years to change the pricing structure have failed. It has never gotten out of startup mode and into a sustainable pricing model. And the infighting and scams in the community did not help. You really never knew who you could trust.

The problem with an open blockchain is that even though scams might be seen, without someone to stop them and or to take action, they just continue. And this poisons the the brand name.

Oh the problems are long and the stories one could tell are crazy, but for now. Hey. Get your coins out!


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