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Sometimes life is so strange.

countrysidelifePosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago2 min read


Hello for everyone, and yes I know I start my blog here a long time ago but I haven't been here for a long time. But sometimes life is pretty strange. I can bet you know, and in everyone's lives, there are those moments when life is not going that how you want and all it's going wrong.

Of course, after that hard moments, better times are coming but for how much long one month, two months, or more?

Also, my life now is in a big mess and today I'm not talking about all covid-19 stuff that's happening all around the world.

When I start my blog here all in my life be fine busy working days but that's a job on the farm, but after weak all things, start going wrong terribly wrong. Our country's government make a decision about a new farming managing system law (at this point I don't tell all in details it's a lot of information for one post) but that's means a lot of changes for our small farm and lots of expensive changes for us. And it's hard to continue to work if you see big companies and farms live fine when small companies and farms like our farm bankrupt after another new government law wear we need to make changes and spend thousands of euros.

Time will tell maybe we be lucky if some of the grain prices get a little bit up there is some chance we can survive.

Also, another and hardest moment be when a month ago we lost our close family friend, farm work team member in a tragic car accident he works with us for 17 years. Yes, we can found a new worker but we can't found that friend like hi be. And we can't forget all the good times and memories when we are together in weekends or at work.

So I don't know if this is another hard life cycle in my life or something else but this is what's happening for now. So this is my small update about what's happening in my life.
Thanks for reading and from now I try to be more active in this community and make more content for you.

Picture source: Own taken by: HUAWEI P Smart 2019

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