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⭐️ We-Talent Contest | 〰️ ROUND 3 " the boy and the cat." in blue pen.

corvo7 months ago3 min read
Hello friends of "WHALESHARES", It is a pleasure to be in this contest made by the friend @ivan.atman here I present "The boy and the cat" an artistic work done with the blue ballpoint technique, where I make a tour of the procedure with steps and steps a video in advanced time of how little by little I was elaborating this artistic piece, in this activity I focus on this very funny and mischievous image, where a child and a cat are seen playing hide and seek and from their refuge they observe the whole panorama external, my intention with this work is first to encourage the art in "Whaleshares" share my knowledge with other artists who want to integrate in this area, commenting on any concerns about this drawing technique, finally have a very pleasant time, fun and you can relax a little.

"The boy and the cat"

In this step we proceed to make our sketch in graphite pencil (hb-2) and then go supplanting it by the blue pen, and in this case I start with the left eye so I'm giving a more direct approach to my artistic work.

We proceed to texture the contour of the skin with very light little lines to fill in a uniform way, so that we can give smooth contrasts as we go. Remember friends periodically clean the tip of the pen where ink and waste paper accumulate.

We start with your ear and in this step we have to texturize in a circular way smoothly with the same clear stripes, this effect is obtained with very little pressure of the pen towards the surface, in this case the cardboard, so we have these clear tones, remember higher pressure you will get darker tones and lower pressure you will get lighter tones.

At this point we have our advanced artistic work in 70% and we focus our attention on the perceptive, remember friends our playful friends are hidden, we have to give the effect of lighting and shadows properly so as not to lose that important effect that is actually the key.

Video of the drawing process in fast time, the total time for this work was 24 hours in blocks of 4 hours per day, the musical theme that I chose was "Frank Mills - Music box".

Link youtube

Thank you friends of "Whaleshares" for giving me the opportunity to publicize my artistic work and be able to share it with everyone, I send you my best regards by sending my greetings and good wishes, with this thought.

Take care of our pets because they give us the best of themselves without expecting anything in return, we must do everything possible to enjoy them.


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