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Whaleshares Poetry Challenge #17 & Announcement Of #16 Winners

contestsPosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read

Greetings To You All.

Welcome to another series of poetry challenge.
The aim of the poetry challenge is to build the whaleshares community.

The last series of this challenge was a success, believe me, well written entries were submitted.

You can check them out here

On the challenge #16, we got 18 entries and 13 came out valid....
Well done to everyone that participated.

Here we have the top 3.

1st place @dangote080

2nd place @joseph1956

3rd place @momogrow

Congratulations to the winners.

@contests welcome you to another series of.........
Poetry Challenge....


Here, prepare your writing material and let begin 📖 .....
What do you get to write about?
How beautiful can you come up with a nice poetry?
How great do you think you can express NIGHTMARE in your poetic writing?

Reward settings 💰

All valid entry will receive 90% upshare from @contests account.

1st price 75 krazykoin
2nd price 50 krazykoin
3rd price 25 krazykoin

Do well to read the below rules properly

Rules to validate your entry

  • Write a poetry in relation with the title given above

  • Upshare and follow the contest account

  • Your writing must be at least 4 verses and each verses must carry at least 4lines

  • Leave a link to this post in your entry

  • Only one entry per account is allowed

  • Post your entry on your whaleshares blog and submit your post link in this post as comment including your Bitshare wallet address .

  • Your post title should be ( My Entry To Whaleshares Poetry Challenge #17)

  • Use #c-contests as your first tag

  • In your comment, tag two friends/ people to challenge them in joining the contest.


  • Your post must be free from plagiarism. We support originality.
  • Entry closes on 23rd April, 2019 at 13:00 Gmt+1

Good luck

Consider giving your witness vote to @krazywitness and @contests


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