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Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest Coming Soon

comedyopenmic6 months ago2 min read

Hi Everyone here,

And maybe a few more people over there. I'd like to announce that we're going to start Comedy Open Mic for WhaleShares!!

{Pause for thunderous applause to subside}

Now some of you may be thinking what's a "Comedy Open Mic" and why do I care? Well... It's a community currently on the Steem blockchain looking to expand across multiple blockchains much like Whaleshares has done. We will run a weekly contest and reward funny people with ... well... rewards... probably wls, or maybe Whalestake. We'll see.

We're still in baby making phase at the moment and will look at options on how we can adapt the fun being had at comedyopenmic on steem and bring it over here.

Step 1. Setup witness.

We've had a witness running for a while now but only now decided to broadcast that we're actually running it. so, go ahead and vote for us. All stakes and shares earned will go towards helping the community grow and rewarding those on here that make us all laugh... because why not.

Everything is more fun when you share it. Especially coconut butter. Why this one time at band camp this girl... wait... never mind.

Step 2. Run witness for a while

We now plan on running the witness for a short while so we can get a pool of funds that will be able to support at least 4 weeks of the contest. Once we have that you will see us kick this off with a bang.

Unless Gerr Gerr is driving in which case it's byo airbag day.

Ok, that's enough of our fun. We hope that you will support the Comedy Open Mic witness on Whaleshares and embrace extend the amazing welcome we've already received in the discord channel.


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