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Witness Application/Intro: Chronocrypto

chronocrypto6 months ago8 min read


Hi I am chronocrypto, a android from Earth 2045,

This is my witness application/intro, I found this platform about two days ago I made an intro on my self and some of the projects I am currently running on steemit. I saw this place and I knew I needed to land my other ship here from steem. Being in the Discord of this community I could tell it is being built by the community the do's and dont's of steemit are already being implemented here for the betterment of the platform.


Like I said I already made a small intro on my self and projects but I would like to point them out again here,

My previous introduction with some added bonuses.

Hello, Whaleshare community.

It is nice to be here, I have used the whaleshare token before to get some votes on steemit.
I noticed a post on steemit regarding a new blockchain based on steemit but for whaleshares.. I knew I had to jump on!

So here I am.

You might have seen me around steemit a few times but if you haven't, Here is a small intro on who I am.

I am chronocrypto I normally write dystopian short stories and novels, I fully enjoy tech and future but do fear Skynet just a bit.

Projects I own on steemit

  • I currently run Chronoboost- a bidbot with 50K SP over at steemit.
  • I own Xopus - a Steempress wordpress plugin hosting and maintenance service. (For a one time fee of 5 Steem have a SteemPress enabled website. Create great content to catch an upvote from SteemPress-io.)
  • I own and still figuring out some bugs for Chronoroll- Gamble against the blockchain with Steem and SBD

Projects I am currently in full force in supportive

  • SteemHunt
    Projects I am currently in full force in supportive of Steemhunt I was a mod for a couple of months, but needed some time off to focus some time on my projects, but I am still a active member and helper in the community. Steemhunt is actually one of the first projects I jumped in with my heart and love the project and community, it is growing so fast and will continue to grow and hopefully reach millions of people.

What is SteemHunt all about?

SteemHunt is a platform where tech-enthusiast get rewarded for discovering and giving exposure to great technological products.It has system similar to the one that Product Hunt uses to curate and rate latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. With the difference that Users are rewarded with Steem for their contribution.

SteemHunt's features

  • Hunt new products: Hunters dig interesting and newly launched products among thousands of webpages on the internet. Also, hunters provides accurate descriptions and links to the product's main online resources.
  • Surface the coolest of them all: Only products that potentially will give to many users a great experience are promoted in the SteemHunt platform. Products that were released some time ago but are still undiscovered can be promoted on the platform.
  • Community-based ranking: Hunters will use the Steemit upvote system to rank their favorite products, only the finest of them all will reach top positions.
  • Steem-based reward system: The hunter who discover a product that earned a huge amount of upvotes will be rewarded with Steem. All hunter actions will be synchronized with their Steemit account. Also, hunters can assign product maker as a beneficiary party from their post.

SteemHunt's platform stages

SteemHunt, a community of hunters that search and introduce new products.

IdeaHunt, a kickstarter-like platform where makers run crowdfunding campaigns.

ReviewHunt, a marketing channel where product creators can offer large disccounts or bounties in return for quality rewards and feedbacks from hundreds of hunters.

SteemHunt's Smart Media Token

Hunt tokens can be earned and used on the SteemHunt's platform. Hunt tokens have three main purposes:

  1. Reward Hunters for sharing and upvoting cool new products on SteemHunt.

  2. Maker can buy Hunt tokens to issue bounties or disccount programm for their products.

  3. Hunters can use Hunt tokens to back crowdfunding iniciatives on the platform.

  • Canna-curate

I am in the Canna-curate community as well just as of recently though helped out with a promo for them.

Cannabis related content. Breaking trough anachronistic taboos thanks to the Steem Blockchain

Social networks that are decentralized and resistant to censorship, such as Steemit, provide a unique opportunity to debate and promote the content that was kept in the shadows.

@canna-curate is a community of cannabis advocators that is supporting great cannabis-content creators on Steemit. They support from informative posts that have information about the medical benefits of cannabis usage, and there some that teach how to grow organic cannabis for personal usage.

Check out the content promotted by @canna-curate

                            @purplemoon                                 @chronocrypto                           @socialmisfit                               @maimonides 

Support the project by delegating some SP

[12.5SP](https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=&delegatee=canna-curate&vesting_shares=25632.659917%20VESTS) - [25SP](https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=&delegatee=canna-curate&vesting_shares=51265.319834%20VESTS) - [50SP](https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=&delegatee=canna-curate&vesting_shares=102530.639667%20VESTS) - [100SP](https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=&delegatee=canna-curate&vesting_shares=205303.639667%20VESTS) - [250SP](https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=&delegatee=canna-curate&vesting_shares=514303.639667%20VESTS) - [500SP](https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=&delegatee=canna-curate&vesting_shares=1025303.639667%20VESTS) - [1000SP](https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=&delegatee=canna-curate&vesting_shares=2053030.639667%20VESTS)


I also support the new Steem-ua

I believe Steemit is a great place to be because of its great community of content and software creators. This community sometimes even handles issues that Steemit's core development team should be dealing with. @steem-ua is the most recent example of this, a solution to fix Steemit reputation score.

@steem-ua have created a solution for one of the biggest problems of the Steemit community. The reputation algorithm had been broken because of the usage of paid bots to buy votes on users posts. While creating and advertisement service such as the bidbots does not harm the platform directly, it does hinder the right we have to rank users account in a reputation system based on the quality of the content that users post. @steem-ua reputation algorithm is based on user's active follower base, on the engagement rate and overall influence of each user, and the quality of the content each user creates.

Also, @steem-ua created a new trail for upvoting users accordingly to their UA score. You can delegate to @steem-ua to receive an upvote which be bigger the higher your UA score. The amount of SP delegated will determine the frequency of the upvotes.

25 SP
1 upvote/week
50 SP
2 upvote/week
100 SP
4 upvote/week
250 SP
7 upvote/week

The curation formula is designed to benefit all great content creators and community leaders on Steemit regardless of the amount of SP they have.
UA_Vote = x * UA_Account + y * UA_Post + z * UA_Comment
This means that the upvote weight will be bigger depend on:

  • the higher account's UA score
  • the better the votes on a post, computed by all post voters' UA scores
  • the more interaction & user engagement on that post via the comments

@steem-ua mission is aligning the individual interest of each steemian with the well being of the Steemit platform itself. If this initiative is a success, each account that delegate 250 SP could get an upvote from @steem-ua more valuable than self-voting 10 times a day. This will boost the Steemit user retention and will certainly increase the demand for Steem.

*** But Now I am here on Whaleshares and have found a new project that my heart will be in so if you know or follow me or want to see me support this wonderful new frontier come and join me. We have a journey to attend to!

I apologize for the long post, But would you consider casting a vote to chronocrypto, I will become as one with the community!


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