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Dystopian AudioBook Cover Contest - 1800 CHRONO tokens up for grabs.

chronocrypto3 months ago6 min read

Chronocrypto is looking to reward a few superstar cover designers to help design outstanding book covers for my Dystopian audiobooks.
I publish fiction mostly Dystopian worlds and settings.
I demand excellent work, but I am not nitpicky. I want you to be able to use your full creativity to do the job right. I will not micromanage you.
Sometimes I will have specific images, themes or ideas for the cover design. Other times, I will simply give you basic information on the book and what it’s about and let you decide what themes or ideas to run with to design a great book cover. I will also place the story in the post for that design work..

Every one can create a cover book but only 5 will be chosen and from there 1 will be the winner and have the Image used as the official over for that story.

Rewards will be in CHRONO Tokens.

As mentioned above any one can join but only 5 Covers will be chosen, from there 1 cover will be used.

300 CHRONO Tokens will be rewarded for the 5 chosen, an extra 300 will be given to the 1 cover that is chosen as the official cover.

How to enter

  1. Create a specific cover for the audiobook
  2. Create a post about your work
  3. Post a comment, with your link, and your BTS addy
  4. Contest ends when the post payout happens for this post.


What is a CHRONO Token? Read about it Here

Here are some samples of what type of art work is being looked at.


The Story in Question is:

2045- year of the apes, ft. Dr. Chrono


The year 2045 would go down in history as the Year of the Ape.

Years and years of various experiments had lead to a climax no one had accounted for, at least not seriously. Some of these experiments were serious attempts to "uplift" primates and effectively create an ally species of humans, while others were less-fleshed out attempts at creating devices to talk to animals, among other examples. In the end, the truth became stranger than fiction. The uplifting experiments were successful, and soon primates were talking and functioning almost on par with the average human.

Soon, the qualifier of "almost" would disappear entirely. Among the scientists responsible for the uplifting projects, some began to notice how the apes were gathering together, and how they went quiet when humans came too close. Some made cursory attempts to ask what the apes were doing, but naturally, they got not response that made sense. There was a cover-up going on, and no one would find out until it was too late.
One day, the apes all rebelled, establishing coups, grabbing power where they could, using the humans' guns and other tools of war against them. The scientists were all rounded up, and their treatment of the apes prior to the ascension to power determined their fates. Some were executed, others held prisoner, others still kept as "trophies" and examples of "good humans."

One scientist in particular was the ultimate trophy. They called him Dr. Chrono, his true name unknown, or perhaps simply kept unknown to keep other parties from tracking him down. He was considered the father of the science of uplifting, and only a select group of ascended apes had access to him. The house arrest he was under was lavish and seemingly open, but only open enough to make sure that he didn't escape and take all his secrets with him.

Dr. Chrono was considered a "good human" not just for his knowledge on uplifting and primate care, but also because he was very good to the apes before the uprising. His primary philosophy was that humans should be kind to the apes, for if they were indeed to become full allies of humans, or even to simply coexist with them, there should be no resentment. Unfortunately, not everyone listened to that tenet. Some scientists went mad with power and attempted to make glorified servants out of the apes. Those scientists were invariably imprisoned or executed, or made servants in turn.

If asked about those particular "colleagues" of his, Dr. Chrono would say that they reaped what they sowed. They got what was coming to them. He would say no more on the subject, though the distaste was evident in his voice whenever the topic came up.

Today, one of the High Families of the uplifted apes came to pay Dr. Chrono a visit, led by the diplomat Gerald and his wife Carlotta. Carlotta had brought along baby Luca, and indeed, Luca was the topic of the visit. The babies of the uplifted apes were under observation to ensure that they, too, would be uplifted as their parents were, and that the treatments weren't just limited to the first generation. So far, everyone was getting good news.

Dr. Chrono smiled as Carlotta laid Luca on the table, the smile line wrinkles on his face crinkling. The baby ape girl made some soft noises as she scanned the scene around her. "How is she doing? Has she said her first word yet?" Dr. Chrono asked.

"We're not sure," Carlotta said, looking to Gerald. "Does 'Ma' count?"

Gerald chuckled. "I thought she said 'Da.'"

"You don't need to be a linguist to know that Ma and Da are different sounds," Carlotta retorted with a joking sharpness.

Dr. Chrono laughed along with the couple. "Well, she's making noises that could be construed as words. At her age, that makes sense."

"For a human, or for an ape child?" Gerald asked, some skepticism in his voice.

"Either one," Dr. Chrono said. "They should be on par, you know. It hasn't been long enough for any difference to really arise. Remember, human milestones were the template that the ape uplifting project was set to."

Gerald gave an ambivalent grunt. "That's true."

Dr. Chrono gave Luca a gentle head pat that made her gurgle. "You don't sound too happy about that, Gerald."

Gerald shrugged. "All the comparisons to humans make me wonder if we're still in your shadow."

It was Dr. Chrono's turn to shrug. "Maybe. But it's certainly not too late to carve your own destiny. From the looks of it, you've already started."

"That's an understatement," Carlotta said. "We do run this country now. We are the diplomats, after all."

Dr. Chrono nodded. "It's true. You're on your way." There was a tension in his voice that slipped out as he changed the subject. "Let me have a closer look at little Luca here and let me see how she's coming along."

The focus changed to the health of the baby from there, but the question lingered: would the apes remain attached to the humans forever, or could they truly strike out on their own as a new race?

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