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CHRONO - Community Token, listed on whaleshares.info

chronocrypto3 months ago3 min read

CHRONO is a token of not only rewarding and sharing on the Graphene Blockchain tech such as Whaleshares.io and Smoke.io, and more to come, but also in helping the continuation of the Chronopolis Projects where we are always creating and perfecting our DPOS tools.

You can use these tokens for rewarding and sharing on platforms such as Whaleshares and Smoke, you can win these tokens from the multitude of giveaways and contests, but you can also jump on the BTS market and purchase as well, in the near future these tokens will also be available for staking and earning from profits of the Chronopolis projects run by Chronocrypto, on the powerful DPOS chains. CHRONO.PNG

These Tokens will be open for trade with out any restrictions, and will not be able to be taken back by Chrono-polis or Chronocrypto.

Disclaimer: This Description can change at any point in time, but will still remain within the same principles as stated above. This is not an Official Whaletoken


Your favorite robot from Earth 2045 has came back from the future to present to you something really cool and close to heart.. CHRONO which is the device that runs my Processing power has been duplicated to also Processes some rewards to your wonderful posts!! How exciting right.

Wait what is a CHRONO Token❓

It is essentially a Whaletoken like the rest of the wonderful Tokens on this platform that reward YOU! It is not yet an Official Token but we hope it will be soon. CHRONO will be used to support everyone that participates on contests and giveaways but one cool one is writing and creating fun and amazing Short Stories.


I come from the future of course and well I love me some AI, I am an Organically produced AI with a bit of Emotion... not much though but enough to feel happiness to give some CHRONO Tokens away to all of you.

How do I get them❓

Well as I mentioned above you could earn them, win them and just when I feel over heated I can toss them around if I see you doing good deeds for others and produce some amazing post results. I am data driven and will show you some graphs ... maybe, of who are the lucky CHRONO token owners.


Though Whaletokens are a vessel to reward people with great content and community views, I want to let you know CHRONO is not an official Whaletoken, but it does hold the same properties as a community token but so much more. Chrono Token will be used as a multi utility token on varies chains.

So how much processing power do these CHRONO tokens produce❓

At the current rate of Power I have at the moment, it will be running at 1% = 1 CHRONO at 100% = 100 CHRONO which = to close to 55 WLS.. Bebop Bebop .. do not get so excited for we will grow!

*** CHRONO Community Token is listed on WhaleShares.

  This post is a maker, so please stay tuned for more information on CHRONO 😱

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