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Hello everyone!

In recent years, there are countless ways and solutions to earn Cryptos online. Whether it is more or less risky, or more or less easy.

Among these means we can find :

  • Investment and Speculation
  • Hodling and/or Staking
  • Writing blog articles
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Walking and/or playing sports
  • etc ...

But anyway, to earn something, you have to invest a minimum, because free money does not exist, it has never been the case and it will never be. Have you ever heard of Benjamin Franklin's famous quote "There are no gains without pains"?

The different forms of investment can be these (for the great majority):

  • Financial: Buying, Hodling, Staking or even Cryptocurrency Mining.
  • Time: Doing your own research and thus perfecting your knowledge of the world of Cryptos and the Blockchain.
  • Investment of your own person: Walk or do sports to keep yourself fit and healthy while receiving Cryptos as a reward.

I reassure you there are many others.

So why not combine business with pleasure and earn Cryptos while taking care of yourself?


Do you know Young Platform and its Native Cryptocurrency the YNG?

This platform was founded in 2018 by 6 computer science students from the University of Turin (Italy). This small group is composed of ambitious young people, passionate about Blockchain Technology and who have the ambition to "Simplify access to the world of Cryptocurrencies through a Hub of digital products that meet the needs of different user segments, from beginners to experts [...]"

What about Young Platform in 2022?

  • Young platform is among the top 3 Crypto Trading platforms in Italy with no less than 36% of the market share.
  • More than one million users
  • The launch of the YNG Token
  • A multitude of services to earn YNG (can then be converted into a multitude of other Altcoins)

Some services that allow you to earn YNG in a simple way such as :

  • Step (walk to earn YNG)
  • Ranking (create or join competitions to earn even more YNG)
  • Academy (earn YNG while learning more about the world of Cryptos)
  • Up & Down (anticipate the Up or Down of some Cryptos, and earn YNG in case of correct prediction)

Here are the products offered by Young Platform:

  • Step: the basic App that you can download from your store (iOS or Android), which includes Steps, Up & Down, Academy, Ranking as well as your first YNG Wallet.
  • Young Platform: Your YNG Wallet that gives you more possibilities with your YNGs, convert them into other Cryptos, buy/sell Cryptos/Altcoins, be part of the CLUB (to get exclusive advantages).
  • Pro: One of the most powerful tools for Crypto trading with more than 50 peers available and a multitude of features.
  • Academy: A wealth of information available to all on topics such as: Blockchain, Crypto Heroes, Cryptocurrencies, Technologies, Trading and more.

In my next article I will introduce you to the App Young Platform Step in a little more detail.

We can't remind you enough, any investment has risks, only invest what you can afford to lose and above all always do your own research before investing in any project.

Christophe WILHELM

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