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The Chronicles of the Modern Man! #6 - Scam or not Scam?

chrissairdropPosted 9 days ago for Everyone to comment on3 min read


Hello, good evening to all!

Welcome to this new chapter of 'The Chronicles of the Modern Man'. The 3rd for this year 2021, hoping that you will find the information useful, and that it will help you in the near (or distant) future.

Scam or not Scam?: That is the question.

As you all know, the worldwide capitalization of the Cryptocurrencies market has largely exceeded $ 1500 Billion! And Bitcoin (BTC) alone had surpassed the symbolic $1,000 billion milestone!

With this effervescence, and this growing enthusiasm for this new form of finance, people are taking advantage of the novices to extort money from them!

This is not new, since the dawn of time there have always been profiteers and jealous people, and the world of Cryptocurrencies is no exception (I'm not talking about large scale hacker attacks, who take Hospitals hostage, or who siphon off the funds of the Exchange and others).

I'm talking about those who contact you via Discord, Telegram, or Social Networks, to present you with a golden opportunity.

I want to tell you right away:

  • The policy of quick and easy money does not exist!

A person/individual who contacts you to tell you

  • Hello, how are you? I'm Mr/Mrs. XXX, from XXXX, I contact you to know if you are an investor?
  • Yes/No (they don't care about your answer anyway)
  • I have a great opportunity to present you:
  • I propose you to invest XXXX and to earn:
    • 10% in 12 hours
    • 20% in 24 hours
    • 50% in 72 hours
    • Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Do you really think that if this kind of person had really found the Golden Goose he would take the trouble to share this lucrative business with you? Simple investor or Novice in Cryptos !


It is sure that it makes you dream: You invest 100$ in equivalent Crypto, and you get back 150$ at the end of the 3rd day.

But it's playing on your feelings! Humans are by nature greedy, and they always want more, with as little effort as possible.

All those HYIP, Ponzi and other crap that hang out on the net, only exist to steal your money! And not to give you even more

So, if you want to make real money, start already by not getting it stolen stupidly!

Because I remind you, as soon as you will have sent your money to this type of individual, you can say goodbye to your funds! and instead of winning +50% you will lose -100% of your investment

The only ways to earn money (legally), without taking into consideration the change in the rate of Cryptocurrencies, are :

  • Trading (for the most experienced)
  • Cryptos Mining
  • Staking

  • Investments are a very sensitive subject, they can bring a lot or nothing at all, or even make you lose your initial investment.

But keep in mind that anyone who contacts you personally to offer you a golden deal, only benefits him, not you!

The Devil is in the details, it's up to you to identify them.

Take care of yourself, protect your money, and use it wisely.

Thank you for taking the time to read this small and sixth installment of The Chronicles of the Modern Man. #TCMM

See you soon

Christophe Wilhelm

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