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HyperPay On-Chain Launches Floyx dApp.

chrissairdropPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago4 min read

For a little more than a week now you can use Floyx via the HyperPay On-Chain dApp!

Floyx & HyperPapy

But concretely, what does HyperPay bring to Floyx?

HyperPay is first and foremost a heavyweight in the Finance and Cryptocurrency Industry. A company created in 2017, with the Digital Wallet as its first project. Officially launched in February 2018, HyperPay is today :

  • millions of users worldwide
  • billions of $ in assets in storage
  • 1,000+ Cryptocurrencies available
  • 57+ Mainnets

Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, ADA, DOGE, TRX, BNB and many others. As well as tokens such as: ERC-20, QRC-20, TRC-20 ... Tokens of the 50 main Chains.

HyperPay is a wide range of services and products, which are easy to use and above all at the cutting edge of security.

Composed of a large team of passionate, professional and renowned experts in their fields, HyperPay does everything possible to secure your funds, for example: the company stores nearly 80% of assets directly on a Cold Wallet, which protects them from any hacker attacks. The teams are also in charge of simplifying the use of all its services and products, thus optimising the user experience. Just as HyperPay regularly conducts Audits to ensure maximum security.

Wallet Off-Chain:

  • Security provided by several Blockchain experts
  • Investment options provided
  • Fluid trading via CoinW.ai
  • Easy, 1-click trading at the best rates

On-Chain Wallet:

  • Allows you to store all your Private Keys locally
  • Manage Multi-Chain assets with a single identity
  • Access to dApps (Games, News, Market Data, DeFi, Social Networks…), including Floyx


  • As powerful as a Hardware Wallet, this Cold Wallet is not connected to the Internet
  • To use it, you will have to put your phone in Offline mode, to cut off any Wifi or Mobile connection
  • Interaction between HyperPay Wallet and Cold Wallet via encrypted QR codes and dual confirmations for transactions
  • Access to real time balances just with a public Key or Address

Hyper Mate Pro:

  • Store your Crypto assets directly in this Hardware Wallet, which is also a Cold Storage
  • World’s most secure and easy to use hardware wallet
  • Authentication via your fingerprint
  • Transaction confirmations with physical buttons

Hypermate G:

  • Minimalist Hardware Wallet design, only 2.3 mm thick, so you can carry it anywhere you want
  • Has the same features as the Hyper Mate Pro

Hyper BC - Hyper Card:

  • HyperPay’s new service — own your own Visa card
  • Can be used in 17 countries and over 50 million businesses worldwide
  • Choose between two Virtual Cards and two Physical Cards
  • Get cash back on top-ups and purchases made with your card

What does HyperPay bring to Floyx users?

Access to Floyx directly via the On-Chain dApps. Storage of your Floyx Coins directly in your HyperPay Wallet, for easy and simple transactions.

What does HyperPay bring to Floyx investors?

Benefit from the best Technology in terms of security of your funds. A simplified user experience at its best. Tools such as Hyper Mate Pro & Hypermate G to store all your Crypto assets on a sleek, easy to carry Cold Wallet.

Here are some other services offered by HyperPay:

  • Low risk BitEarn investment with no lock-in period and no minimums. With good value added on your Crypto balances with your Off-Chain Wallet
  • BitLoan : Get Loans or lend funds
  • Staking: Earn passive income on funds deposited in your Wallet, thanks to the Proof-of-Stake technology.
  • Exchanges: at the best rate, with the lowest possible fees and saving time as everything happens on the same ecosystem.
  • Cloud Mining: with 3-year contracts, no need to own hardware or computing power to mine Cryptocurrencies.


The partnership between HyperPay and Floyx opens the door to a multitude of services that can be developed around Floyx.

By leveraging the power of HyperPay, Floyx has secured a strong ally, and can provide its users and investors with quality services, ultra-secure and easy-to-use tools.

Floyx will create the Web3 revolution and this is just the beginning.

Article posted first on Floyx Medium account. I am the author, and I have the rights (with Floyx's permission) to repost this article on behalf of Floyx


  1. https://www.hyperpay.tech/
  2. https://www.floyx.com/
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