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Floyx & SWFT Blockchain: the way to the NFT world

chrissairdropPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago4 min read

New partnership for Floyx with a new heavyweight in the Crypto Industry! SWFT Blockchain

Floyw & SWFT Blockchain

Company created by Ramble Lan, expert in Artificial Intelligence, a person known for his involvement in the development of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies since 2010.

SWFT Blockchain is an efficient platform for the exchange of Cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies. As announced on their website “One Stop Cross-Chain — Simpler, Faster, Safer”.

Enabling Interchain Swaps, SWFT Blockchain supports more than 300 Cryptocurrencies on the most important and popular Blockchains, offering almost unlimited exchange pairs (currently 35,000 interchain pairs), as well as support for more than 800 Tokens.

Benefit from the best rates, as SWFT Blockchain is connected to over 30 CEX (Centralised EXchange) and DEX (Decentralised EXchange) to find you the best buy, sell and swap offers.

Recently SWFT has been working on a new product, the ‘SWFT NFT Aggregator’, connecting with the biggest NFT Marketplaces (OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible …), allowing users to use any Crypto and/or Tokens listed on SWFT Blockchain for one-click NFT acquisition.

Floyw & SWFT Blockchain

What does SWFT Blockchain bring to Floyx?

SWFT Blockchain is one of the most decentralized, fastest and most secure platforms we can find today.

The advantage for Floyx is to offer its members to deposit, withdraw, exchange, buy, share… $FLOYX once the pre-sale phase is completed.

Going one step further, this partnership opens the door to the NFT Marketplace to Floyx and Floyx users!

What does SWFT Blockchain bring to Floyx users?

The most interesting point is it will be possible for Floyx users to obtain $FLOYX very simply.

They will then be able to transfer them directly into the built-in Floyx wallet, or keep them on SWFT Blockchain

They will also be able to convert any Crypto listed on SWFT Blockchain into $FLOYX with ease and with the lowest fees in the market. Or even acquire NFTs directly with Floyx Tokens.

Another fun feature will be the ability to easily send $FLOYX to anyone, either to a specific person (you send the Red Packet Link by email, instant messenger … to the person you want, and only he can open it), or to several people, by generating a Red Packet: You define the number of people who can open it, you make it public on the SWFT Blockchain application, and so everyone will have access to this Mini ‘Airdrop’ once the Red Packet is empty, you will have made some people happy. It is the same in the other direction, every day dozens (even hundreds) of Red Packet are published on the Application, you have to be quick to take advantage of it, and any user can take advantage of it.

What does SWFT Blockchain bring to Floyx investors?

Benefit from one of the most successful and secure Trading and Exchange platforms on the market, with a range of SWAP possibilities of tens of thousands of pairs available.

Far beyond Buy, Sell, Trade, the NFT Marketplace that SWFT Blockchain partners with the most popular and heavyweight players in the industry offers additional value and expanded use cases for Floyx Tokens.


The partnership between Floyx and SWFT Blockchain is beneficial to many people:

  • Purchase of Floyx Tokens at preferential rates and extremely low fees
  • Sending Floyx Tokens via a Red Packet to multiple people, or one person if you wish.
  • Buy and/or Swap $FLOYX with any other Crypto listed on SWFT Blockchain (more than 800 Cryptos available and up to 35,000 trading pairs)
  • Opening to Marketplaces for all Cryptos/Coins/Tokens listed on SWFT Blockchain
  • Optimal security of funds and private data, thanks to a dedicated team of experts who have the ambition to make SWFT Blockchain the leading platform in the crypto industry.

Floyx surrounds itself with serious, proven companies to offer more and more opportunities and use cases for Floyx Future Tokens to its users, while facilitating mass adoption.

While waiting for the $FLOYX listing, download the SWFT Blockchain App from your favorite store (Apple Store & Play Store), start accumulating some Cryptos by opening Red Packets, and with luck you’ll also find some SWFTC!

Article posted first on Floyx Medium account. I am the author, and I have the rights (with Floyx's permission) to repost this article on behalf of Floyx


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  2. https://www.allchainbridge.com/
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