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Floyx & Klever: Alliance between Blockchain Technologies and Social Media Web3

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Floyx & Klever

Hello everyone! Floyx and Klever is a collaboration that will bring many new features and opportunities to Floyx users.

Klever Finance in a few words:

Klever Finance was launched in the first Quarter of 2020, starting with the Multi Tokens Swap project.

Klever, the core entity, with more than 10 years of experience in Blockchain, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Cryptocurrencies technologies, offers today a multitude of projects and features such as:

  • Complete and easy to use mobile wallet
  • Access to dApps from more than 20 major Blockchains
  • kApps, decentralized Applications whose hardware is provided by Klever (who opted for this solution instead of providing Smart Contracts, thus making it easier to create kApps), one of the most interesting of which is “Digital Identity”
  • Creation of Tokens
  • Coins of more than 20 of the major Blockchains, as well as an almost infinite number of Tokens.
  • Trading and Derivative Actions
  • Staking and passive income
  • NFT
  • Loyalty Program
  • DeFi projects (Decentralized Finance)
  • and much more

Klever with his slogan "Blockchain is difficult, but it shouldn't be" puts a special emphasis on security, by offering a Non-Custodial Mobile Wallet, guaranteeing to its user that he is the only holder of his private Keys, of all his Crypto Assets and above all! no KYC to Buy/Sell Cryptos, but also to Exchange them or to make Swaps between Coins/Tokens of different Blockchain.

The important point (for many people) is to use services that do not impose limits or KYC. To buy Cryptos via Klever's Mobile Wallet application you will be redirected to their partner 'Simplex' who offers you the possibility to buy Cryptocurrencies with Credit Card or by Bank Transfer directly.

Klever is a global heavyweight, present in more than 190 countries, with over 3 million users around the world and with a 24/7 support service in more than 30 languages, to be able to answer all requests in the best conditions.

What does Klever bring to Floyx users?

A very easy to use and ultra secure Mobile Wallet, you just have to download it on your favorite Store, create a Wallet (follow the simple steps and be sure to write down on a piece of paper your 'Seed Phrase', this is the only way to restore your Wallet, if you lose this list of words, you lose access to your funds and Klever will never be able to help you to recover them, because as said above, you are the only person who has this information)

You will then have access to a multitude of features, the most important of which is an infinite number of addresses to deposit your Coins & Tokens including Floyx Tokens (once the pre-sale phase is over)

And above all, using Klever's Mobile Wallet means taking advantage of a complete, intuitive, ultra-secure tool with a sober design, with which you can:

  • Buy/sell Cryptos
  • Exchange your Cryptos/Tokens or make Swaps to obtain Floyx Tokens
  • Navigate through a Browser of dApps (from more than 20 Blockchain) and kApps (Klever specific applications)
  • Buy/sell NFTs
  • etc ...

What does Klever bring to Floyx investors?

Klever provides a high performance, fast and secure Crypto buying platform. With a Blockchain offering ultra fast transaction speed (2000 trx/seconds).

No need for KYC for your Crypto purchases, you just need to go through their partner Simplex, which will propose you to make your purchases either by Credit Card or by Bank Transferdirectly from the Mobile Wallet.

With a Non-Custodial Mobile Wallet, no one will have access to your funds or private keys.

Klever also offers a Hardware Wallet which is one of the most powerful in the world, to offer you the best security for your funds, on more than 10 000 Cryptos (Coins & Tokens).

Floyx & Klever


Klever is one of the leaders in its field, focusing on security and on simplifying the use of various Blockchain and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technologies

With a global presence (in more than 190 countries), 24/7 responsive support in more than 30 languages, more than 3 million users have made the choice to use quality products and services by placing their trust in Klever.

Floyx can leverage the benefits and opportunities of what Klever brings, while offering its users the best security in the world.

Klever's mastery of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies, combined with the development of Floyx's first Web3 social network, is a new step in the mass adoption of Cryptos on a large scale.

Article posted first on Floyx Medium account. I am the author, and I have the rights (with Floyx's permission) to repost this article on behalf of Floyx


  1. https://www.floyx.com/
  2. https://klever.finance/
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