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BitKeep Wallet - Top Wallet in Asia already supports Floyx Tokens

chrissairdropPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

BitKeep & Floyx

We are pleased to announce that BitKeep Wallet has just integrated for a week now, a Wallet to store your Floyx tokens!

BitKeep Wallet in a few words :

  • Top Crypto Wallet in Asia
  • Over 6 million users worldwide
  • Present in over 168 countries
  • Protects over $1 Billion held by its users

BitKeep is an incredible, comprehensive and always evolving ecosystem.

Currently BitKeep wallet supports just over 70 Mainnets and 220,000 different Cryptos/Tokens and has a catalog of over 10,000 dApps.

BitKeep provides you with the most complete information from several DEx (Decentralized Exchange), as well as the most powerful Swap (BitKeep Swap) available today.

Like many other players and heavyweights in the Cryptocurrency world, BitKeep is also interested in NFT markets, not by developing its own platform but by working on a Multi-chain NFT Market!

What does BitKeep bring to Floyx users?

So to recap, once Floyx Token launch, and you have some on your BitKeep Wallet (available on iOS, Android & Chrome Extension) you will have a wide range of features. You will be able to buy Floyx Token, exchange other Cryptos/Tokens for Floyx Coins, Buy/invest in NFTs with your $Floyx… and much more.

In addition to all this, BitKeep provides a well-stocked ‘Academy’ on its site. The information posted is there to answer many of the questions you have, and much more. Use the BitKeep Academy to learn more about Cryptocurrencies, Consensus, Specific Terms, etc.


BitKeep is one of the heavyweights of the Crypto Industry, always in development, to bring you more and more features, ease of use, and advanced security.

Enjoy a Unique User Experience by downloading BitKeep Wallet (iOS, Android, Chrome Extension) today and get ready to transfer your first Floyx.

Thanks to Christophe WILHELM for preparing the text for publication.

Article posted first on Floyx Medium account. I am the author, and I have the rights (with Floyx's permission) to repost this article on behalf of Floyx


  1. https://www.floyx.com/
  2. https://bitkeep.com/
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