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Rapids - NFT

Hello everyone, and welcome to this review of Rapids news for the first half of the year.

Before we begin, we invite you to take a look at this 2021 summary, for a quick refresher, or simply for those new to the Rapids Network family, to see what was accomplished in the previous year.


Among the most significant events, we can mention the following

Development of Explorer v2.1

  • New design
  • RPDx Testnet
  • NFT

Want to know more? We invite you to read this article.

At the beginning of this year, two new members joined the Rapids Network team:

The BSC Bridge integrated with Raptic (Bot) on Telegram, followed by a few updates to give you even quicker support, as well as a faster Block confirmation time for transactions (from 50 Blocks to 11 Blocks for RPD - bRPD & bRPD - RPD transaction confirmation)

Rapids - Raptic

While we are on the subject of Raptic, at the beginning of this year we recorded these figures:

  • Total registered users of Raptic on Telegram: 12,906
  • Raptic used by 190 groups
  • Total registered users on Raptic on Discord: 288
  • Raptic used by 11 groups

At the end of March, here is where we were:

  • Total registered users on Raptic on Telegram: 26,854
  • Raptic used by 280 groups
  • Total registered users on Raptic on Discord: 578
  • Raptic used by 16 groups

Monthly Burns of RPD, the Rapids (RPD) concerned are from Rapids.Host, our Hybrid Staking and Hosting Masternode platform, where 50% of the fees earned were burnt.

  • 1st Burn: 01 February - 3,340 RPD Burn
  • 2nd Burn: 01 March - 3,452 RPD Burn
  • 3rd Burn: 31 March - 3,218 RPD Burn
  • 4th Burn: 30 April - 3,051 RPD Burn
  • 5th Burn: 31 May - 3,102 RPD Burn
  • 6th Burn: 30 June - 3,098 RPD Burn

You can see all this on this address, specifically created for the RPD Burn. For this year we have finished with the RPD Burn phases.

Rapids - CBFF

The most exciting event of 2022 was that Rapids Network was for the second year running a partner in the 'Best Short Film' category at the famous Carmarthen Bay Film Festival which took place over 4 days at 'The Ffwrnes' Theatre in Llanelli, Wales. When the 'Best Short Film' award was presented to the winner of this category, Matt Cimelli (CEO of Rapids) took the opportunity to present him with a Rapids (RPD) Masternode.

Much was discovered at this iconic Film Festival including discussions around the future of cinema with NFT and Blockchain.

Here are some useful links you can also check out:

I'm currently under contract with Rapids Network, which gives me the right to publish, republish, on their behalf, articles first published on Rapids Network/Medium.

See you soon

Rapids Network

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