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It Has Been A Busy Month

chrisbirdPosted 8 days ago for Everyone to comment on


But I am at least seeing progress. I have the business registered, made my first equipment order, bought and had the communications equipment installed, and got my account for Worker's Compensation. I also got the website and blog up and hooked up the social media accounts to it.
Oh and check this out! No more fumbling in the dark while you're driving to fit the mic in the slot, no more bungee cords, no more spring loaded cables. Now it's rare earth magnets!

There is a bunch of other stuff I have gotten accomplished, such as designing and getting the logos and graphics vectorized, the business cards ordered, as well as booking the truck in for the vinyl work. I also have gotten a great response from a big contractor that said they are waiting for me to open so they can start using us for their traffic control.

I'm still not allowed to advertise or publish my pages but I'm glad to have so much stuff done so when it comes time to start, I am not scrambling.

I hope everyone else is doing well.

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