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Guess What Today Is? 5000 WLS Prize

chrisbirdPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago

That's right, if are the first to guess what I am doing today from this photo, you will get a cool 5000 WLS. I will add more photo clues as the day goes on but the prize will go down by 1000 WLS every time a clue is added.image.png

One guess per person, per clue. This will also help out the people who check in here during the day.

Clue #2


How about now?

Clue #3


Anything yet?

Clue #4


Still Nothing?

Well Ijmmai was right

that we were canning but it wasn't fruit or veg. We canned up 38 jars of pork and beef from the winter of 2020/2021 because we had to make room in the freezer for the pork and beef for this winter.

This is some of the pork with spices and peppercorns.

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