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Going Out For Thanksgiving Dinner

chrisbirdPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 months ago


Well, tomorrow is the Canadian Thanksgiving, where we will give thanks to our ancestors, who basically stole this great nation from the natives and completely destroyed their way of life. I guess it's okay because we now give them reservations, and free government money to try and eke out a living. We also allow them to hunt and fish without licenses and gave them all forced schooling and religion in order for us to be able to steamroll them. Did I mention that our benevolent leaders also committed atrocities upon them to show them what a kind and loving society they were being forced to join?

Well, we are going to Williston Resort tonight to celebrate Thanksgiving, and I will be reflecting on all aspects of what took place, and I will be giving thanks, but probably not for all of things that were customary when I was growing up.

Cheers, everyone, and give your loved ones a hug today.

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