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Bye bye, Netflix

chrisbirdPosted for Everyone to comment on, 8 months ago


That's right

Netflix Canada sent out emails telling us that password sharing is a nono. As of now, we will be charged $8 per month, per device that streams our Netflix account outside of our home.

That means that it's going to cost us an extra $16 per month because our kids are on our account and don't live with us.

They do live together though so I guess they can get their own account and share it between them. I think this is part of that whole adulthood thing, no?

I'm curious about how many people will cancel it. We rarely watch Netflix so it wasn't a hard decision to save us about $18 a month or whatever it is.

I just hope Disney Plus and Amazon don't follow suit. I don't think I would be so hasty to cancel.

Is this happening anywhere else or do they just hate Canada?

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