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A couple of new folks

chrisbirdPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago

I see we have at least two new members on the chain. @arthursiq5 and @symbionts

Symbionts is a witness and I'm not sure if they plan to do much in the way of posting, but we should all vote for their witness to get them into the top 20.

Lingy (arthursiq5) is posting on the chain, so maybe go and check them out and throw a little support their way.

As for me, I am still trying to get the recycling biz going and doing other work to make sure the bills get paid. You can find me at @hhrecycling on here. I stay mostly busy working but try to get a video up on YouTube every once in a while. I'd appreciate it if you could check it out and if you find it worthy, we would never turn down a new subscriber.

Screenshot_20230716_115931_Video Player.jpg
Riding in the new 1978 motorhome

We've been enjoying our summer, when we can find a bit of time and we still have a month of it left, hopefully.

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