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Free Me

chinyerevivianPosted 7 months ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read


Free me from your chains,
Eternal muse, let my heels
Unbind me from this stasis,
Unroll me from this floor,
From your lips, spit me,
So I can begin my sojourn on my own,
So I can exit like a flutter.

I want you here, o summer wine,
Your tender lips on my veins,
Kissing the blood from my heart,
My ardour sated on the longing
In your eyes but unbind me,
Let me lift you to the tops
Of this spire, to the alps,
Between the kiss of sleet and snow.

I covet you like gold but I cannot spend you.
I must hoard like a miser each token wink,
Each smile, each pout of your sweet lips,
A memory that I can't let slip.

I am chained to your heels,
Terrible goddess, siren of sacred seas,
Roughly tonguing the shore, with the sharp edges
Of your tides, your white foam,
Floating flotsam across my chest,
Your hair a dazzle of insane delights.
I need you like the flower's hunger for the bee,
Sweltering in the heat, under your sunny stare.

Come to me, loved one,
In the decadent night, stripped of silence
And holiness, let us abide
In the imagined lists of our limbs,
Let us reshape the bed to the shape of our sin,
Let us leave shadows on the wall,
To exorcise priests from their vestments,
Let's shame the devil and raise all hell here in.

Unbind me sweet lover unseen,
Cleanse my sores with your tender fingers,
Erase my hurts with liquid silence
Let me bask in your heat before I flee.

Come with me shadowed lover of my nights,
Let us fall from this heights
Into the madness of our wants,
Let us become shapes in the stars,
Blinking with our own code,
Let God know us and call us by name.
Unbind me and flee with me,
Ebony white queen of my heart.

No preamble. Tell me your thoughts.


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