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Beautiful blue eyes (Original drawing)

chester4 months ago

Beautiful blue eyes


Hello friends of Whaleshares, today I want to share a drawing I made a few hours ago while I spent the afternoon trying the delicious knowledge of a coffee, with a bit of fatigue that left my job today I could relax a bit until now here ready for you.


The eyes have an amazing mystery, sometimes I hear rumors that say they are the window of our soul and that a look can say more than a thousand words. Millions of different looks, looks that cross with striking and beautiful colors, in this drawing that I share try to make a look as real as possible, here is the result, I just hope it is to your liking.


Used materials

Drawing pencil 6B, drawing pencil 3H, pencil of blue, orange and green, pull out tips, eraser, sheet of white paper, imagination and a little inspiration.


Without anything else I can add. I say goodbye with a greeting to all of you, to the next friends.



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