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Acetate disc - Photographs

chester17 days ago

This type of phonograph disc was used since 1930 having a good start and becoming a trend of musical technology at the time was used until the late 1950 to make the recording and broadcast. My father still has many acetate discs like this one. This, for example, is a Latin music album from 1948, when I heard it I was surprised by the audio quality that this thing could produce.

Usually have 7 ", 10" and 12 "in diameter.

My father says that these discs are too fragile, and they break very easily.

Acetate disc player

This player is about 40 years old and still works perfectly.

Today there are people who pay large amounts of money for these acetate discs, it is very common to see this in auctions. Some time ago there was an auction of a collection of acetate albums of The Beatles in which moved a lot of money.

Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N

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