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CC261 - Polygon- Tremendous Hype & Powerful Outstanding DAPPS

chesatochiPosted 8 days ago for Everyone to comment on

⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Listing of Polygon DAPPS on DappRadar
03:56 Quickswap DAPP (DeFi)
04:58 Polywhale DAPP (DeFi)
07:51 Aavegotchi (Game)
09:20 ZED (Game)

Introduction of Polygon

I am sharing the enormous increase in popularity of Polygon where you can see the usage on DappRadar. It is really refreshing to see a scaling solution to get traction over the Ethereum network.

DappRadar Polygon DAPPS:

What's covered in this video about Polygon DAPPS

I show the main page of DappRadar where I show the stats. As well, I show 4 of the most popular DAPPS on the ecosystem of Polygon.

Come watch this remarkable video to learn more about Polygon DAPPS

Now sit down and relax, while watching the video with a nice cup of coffee!

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