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My LOVE digital and Happy 1st of February 馃尮

cheriePosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago

Hello ,

My Post for the 1st of February is on LOVE 馃挀

What means love for you , what do you see in my Digital art ?

馃挀Is Love the best connection of all or just casual and respectful ?
To me love is about respect , understanding and appreciating
It changes with time , the real value shows itself
The masks drop and we are left with purity or insanity
We all carry Karma because of the need to feel love
It makes us do wrong things and be different
We grow becoming a better person and our goals are different as well
We need better , we need more
Our perspective is wider and wiser
We recognise the truth behind the veils
And the realness behind the smiles馃挀

Love is what matters the most , within and out
For ourself and for others

My Love digital

Thank you for reading my post
May Love find you in the most unexpected path 馃挀

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