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CookWithUs Week #40 i miss Xmas

cheriePosted for food Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago


CookWithUs Week #40
Please come participate
It can be something you made yourself or you had the chance to just eat

Wild Sweeeeeeeeeeeet Thing

Well lets do sweet then ....
I feel the same as @deimus , i miss xmas and all went super fast
But it was amazing ✨

This is a caramel and halzelnut cake .i could have eat about 1478 of those before dying from diabetes
And i would have die with a smile on my face and a big belly 😊


Yum miam yum miam




And then this one is called a russe ( Russian cake )
Filled with hazelnut cream , it is one of the favorite french desserts


Very super sweet


It was a very nice Xmas , a beautiful memory in my heart
Surrounded by loving lovely souls 💗🧡💜💗

Dont expect anything because it never turns out the way you imagined it

Opidia Cherie


Thank you to all the sponsors , the food , the love and the smile sssssss
@food @cookwithus

Cherie 🍓

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