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Those numbers are really important as we are now facing a dump phase during thanksgiving .before Christmas will be different
it is only helping the market.

鉂勶笍Pro traders will buy the dip but it is still a very awkward movement .
As we see even the best traders make mistakes during this time .




鉂勶笍Today's Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap The global crypto market cap is 2.45T$, a 0.65% decrease over the last day
The total crypto market volume over the last 24h is 104.34B$, which makes a
33.56% decrease.
The total volume in DeFi is currently 16.74B$, 16.04% of the total crypto market 24h volume.
The volume of all stable coins is now 81.61B$, which is 78.22% of the total crypto market 24h volume. Bitcoin's price is currently 54,479$ Bitcoin鈥檚 dominance is currently 42%, an increase of 0.35% over the day.


鉂勶笍But the New Moon in Sagittarius will help the deal , between the 1st of December to the 11th of December a change is taking place in the energy of the chart , then the next Full moon will illuminate a great sky and yes certainly our wallets .

鉂勶笍We shall see for the 4 years cycle
For now BITCOIN keeps on attracting investors
And as we know in trading , it does not matter the price only fluctuation matters.



鉂勶笍The number of Bitcoin addresses with a balance greater than zero has just reached a new all time high, according to OKLink. The number of these addresses is now estimated at nearly 39 millions. This is a good sign for the market, no matters the price it keeps on growing numbers of investors.
the total number of unique Bitcoin addresses is increasing at a fast rate. That figure reached over 90.5 millions in November 2021. Though, these addresses continue to climb regardless of the price of BTC. So this is not as revealing as the previous indicator , anyway it is fast approaching the 1 billion unique address mark, which would mark a historic moment for digital assets.
On the other hand, institutional investments have certainly contributed to the growth of Bitcoin over the past couple of years. Indeed, Bitcoin saw a record institutional investments in early November .



鉂勶笍here are other indicators that suggest the market will be bullish for Bitcoin. As reported earlier this month, the total value of BTC held by listed companies has exceeded 15 billions$. this is only 1.2% of the outstanding supply of the asset, but it is anyway a noticeable change in the perception of Bitcoin.

鉂勶笍A report released in late October by Kraken also points out that long term BTC holders, including whales and miners, continue to accumulate assets.



鉂勶笍Bitcoin has had a good year, but it is still a long way from the forecasts given by some pseudo analysts. However, general short/term estimates are still very optimistic, it could be because December is a pivotal month .

鉂勶笍Price predictions are speculations by nature, especialy when it comes to the volatile cryptocurrency market. However, with the increase in the number of Bitcoin addresses having a balance greater than zero ( Satoshis = 100 000000 Satoshis for 1 BTC ) and with the adoption of the asset by more and more companies and institutions, the possibility of new all time highs in the near futur appears more and more realistic馃尶

鉁═hank you for reading and for believing in Cryptos馃尶


Ch茅rie 馃尪

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