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It's been been getting to me.

ceruleanbluePosted 2 months ago for Everyone to comment on3 min read

Winter is coming. It used to be one of my favourite times of year. Halloween was always my favourite holiday followed closely by Christmas. I won't say they no longer are, I still love them, and the nostalgia that comes with them, but I dread them as well. They seem to no longer provide the same comforts, even though many still exist.

Perhaps it's just my perspective. Change your perspective and change your attitude :) I'm almost excited for Halloween this year, my girlfriend and I have decided we're going to be giving away candy regardless of all this covid bullshit, but our area doesn't have much of a turnout on the best of years so I'm not expecting much. Perhaps I can vamp up the night with some wine and an interesting movie lineup :laughing: I'll aim to blog about it if I come up with one.

So regardless of all that emotional crap, I've been keeping busy as well, working on an exciting new project. Too busy at times, the headaches and nausea have been a hindrance for sure, want to look into getting one of those blue light glasses the screens are killing me at times, but the project itself has come along quite well.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but if it weren't for the people on the dev team here at whaleshares I'd never have had the confidence to try such things. I really appreciate them. This place has been an awesome part of my life for three years now. It's really nice to see the community working together again.

I think we may finally have reached a point where the ones who were fighting us have given up or sold out, and the majority of what's left seems like a committed userbase, I really enjoy that. Thanks everyone it's nice to see.

Calling for Devs/Techies/Social Promoters

The time is coming very near, I never wanted to say anything until I was sure it was a possibility. I'm still not saying anything but enough of you know what I've been working on so maybe everyone does by now haha. I need some help. I've finished up most everything, but it's not something I can or even want to do alone.

This week I'd like to spend testing and finalising the product. Next week we can release. Who would like to help me? I'd love to get a couple coders, witnesses, and social influencers together if this is a possibility :shrug: I'm not going to post elsewhere. Next week during release we can tell the world, but right now I'm really looking to pick the brains of a quality pool and I've had great success with people here.

In short, you guys are awesome, I've missed you and I hope that you've all been staying safe during these crazy times, and if you'd like to help out, just let me know below. Apologies for the vagueness but I'd imagine most of you can guess abouts.


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