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My Final Update for Whaleshares.

ceruleanbluePosted to Public3 months ago2 min read

Well guys, this is me calling it. The attitude I've seen throughout the community, for whatever reason each user may have, this just isn't worth the time for me anymore. I'm sorry to say, but yes this will be my last update to the front end, unless I see an increase in usage for Whaleshares, which I honestly don't expect to.


With that being said, I'm posting this on all the platforms, because WLS is the best social blockchain out there, it simply lacks the users to call itself that. Were people to give this place a chance, things really could be different, however the people here can't even say good things about their own home so really I guess there's no surprise.

Included in the update

I'm not getting into the long ass patch notes BS that I usually do, as mentioned it just isn't worth my time anymore. Please do ask if you have questions.

  • Feeds Fixed to refresh on navigation
  • Reward Badges implemented and suggestions changed
  • Reactions implemented
  • Chat implemented at https://wlsdev.whaleshares.info/chat
  • Promoted feed implemented

some other shit I forgot already really, probably not too important, minor style or bug fixes. Basically the focus on this was to allow you guys to interact with eachother on a more direct system.

Chat is minor, check it out, honestly, everything from badges to reactions will need work and was expecting to receive it, however I'm not sure I will actually fix anything at this point. I'm putting the code out there, it's up to y'all to use it.

My local node is STILL syncing, having only 2 seed nodes at this point there's not much that can be done. I would wait until it is up to date to try and use it. I'll wait till this works to post on hive and other chains, so as to get notice to members who have stepped away.

I hope you enjoy what's been done.
I'm sorry for the shitshow.


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