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CCTI Program Update

It's been one month since we launched the Cross Chain Token Initiative to creates partnerships between EOS-based Apps and Whaleshares and the program has been well received. We are currently finalizing partnerships with several more EOS App teams to include their native tokens into our content rewarding service. Activation of many tokens are being scheduled to maximize their benefit to users and not interfere with token sales or product launches. We will continue to announce them here on the @ccti account as they do.

:recycle: Token Adjustments

As stated in the introduction post, each month we will evaluate the token values of our partners relative to the value of WLS and make adjustments as needed to provide a fair reward given on Whaleshares. As more partner tokens are added there will be a clear groupings based on value. With that, please note the current token requirements, effective as of this posting:

300 BOID (Updated)
300 MPT (Just Added)

:bulb: Remember to check https://whaleshares.info for the latest cross-chain token information.

:moneybag: Reward Adjustment

We have been monitoring the account usage over the last 30 days and establishing an estimated future use target based on the upcoming partner additions and have decided to increase the per use reward to 5% (up from 1%) to make better use of the accounts potential reward power. This means the reward will increase from around 9 WLS to about 44 WLS +/- per use.

:mega: Introducing METAL PACKAGING TOKEN (MPT)

Metal Packaging Token (MPT), founded in 2018 by metal packaging professionals, proposes a blockchain-based solution to improve cost-effectiveness within the metal packaging industry, making it a competitor to plastic packaging.

@metpacktoken's main goal is to reduce or eliminate the difference in costs between plastic and metal packaging, so that all goods suitable for metal packaging will be packaged in metal cans. By creating a cost-efficient supply-chain, prices for metal packaging can come down significantly. Optimizing a project’s supply-chain is a popular use-case for blockchain technology. The distributed ledger technology provides interesting data and creates long-term statistics on recycling. The intent is to launch a metal can recycling operation that incentivizes people with their own cryptocurrency token, called MPT.

:star2: We are happy to announce the MPT token is now available for CCTI rewards starting at 300 MPT.

You can learn more about Metal Packaging Token in their introduction post:

Earn MPT tokens by taking part in their new #trashtagchallenge initiative and challenges.


Website: http://www.metpacktoken.org
Telegram: https://t.me/metpacktoken

Please see the CCTI intro post for information on how to use this service.

You can check the CCTI transaction logs at https://bloks.io/account/ccwhaletoken

Please follow the @ccti account for more information and future updates.


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