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I tried cashing out my Pension funds to buy Crypto!

captainphilipsPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read


Financial institutions are the most advance form of Scam, provided you are aware of the centralized authority over your hard earned funds. Also, you will be charged and taxed for saving your own money and for spending it which the Blockchain stands to correct. Retirement and pension plans are not excluded, so far its anything about an individual's funds, there is a cooperate way to screw the owner up without consequences.

For these reasons, I tried to close down my pension account this week. It was a rigorous process of which I lost in the end, I lost because my little funds is trapped in there till I'm over the age of fifty years, for now, I'm still a couple of decades away therefore I can't use nor access funds.

Every cooperate establishment opens a pension(retirement) account for their employees, the modalities of the interest gained on that account I have no iota of how it works. But I know for sure the company take a certain percentage of an employee's wages(monthly or quarterly) and save it into the pension account while the company managing the funds also add some quota from forex or index trading(whichever the fund management firm trades with investors money). Unwilling investors i must say, because its shocking to learn that my retirement funds are not accessible till a certain age which I believe its not my choice. I could have used the funds to by some $steem or $Bitcoin, perhaps $BSV and I could triple or quadruple it even more over a decade.

Well, I guess I have to take my mind off the funds, not much but not so little, by my calculation it could have fetched me a whole $ETH which is guaranteed to run into thousands of dollars come the next Bullrun.

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