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A pressing thought on Global Warming

captainphilipsPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

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Inarguably the most important thing troubling us in the present world, modern day scientists and technologist are still finding lasting ways to solve this issue, hence Geoengineering was birthed. Unfortunately a control attempt on weather and climate raises eyebrows as it could backfire and cause more havoc than good just HAARP related reported cases and several others.

The major causes of Carbon emissions are fossil fuel and deforestation, our insatiable needs is driving automobile markets higher and until there was red flags in our Ozone system, before Alternative means of powering automobiles and diesel engine machines was created. Sadly, the emitted CO2 attacks the Ozone layer the more causing more damages because the trees and vegetations that is helping retaining and absorbing them are being cleared away without replacement. Moreover, large scale land movement also add to the green house effects on our planet.

Governments all over the world are in pole position to fight this global sickness, howbeit, they can't do it alone without individuals commitment towards tackling climate change. There are policies that should be enforced by the government against gas flaring and fossil fuel burning in addition to limitations on automobile use which also contributes a large percentage to global warming. Individuals also needs orientation about alternative use to carbon fuels and also to address the urge of excessive usage of fuels as people could be encouraged to not buy cars or machines that emits CO2.

Something needs to be done both individually and cooperatively, the government needs to oversee this before we sentence ourselves and the generation unborn to a life of endless struggle to survive and to adapt.

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