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3 New Heroes of Mobile Legends Ready to Release in 2019

calmsoulPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

Hi fans of the Mobile Legends game, this time we have interesting reviews to approach the end of 2018 and welcome the new year 2019, the legendary mobile game has prepared a new hero ready for release this year and from the Instagram account post @ml_leak, there they give a leak about new Mobile Legends heroes are ready to be released by Moonton.3 Heroes of New Mobile Legends are Released Soon. Then what are the heroes?.


• Badang
The first hero to be released by Mobile Legends is Badang. Yes this hero is called a hero from Malaysia like Kadita from Indonesia. Badang is a Fighter in Mobile Legends, and he has a Reap / Burst specialist. This Hero Badang has an Ultimate skill in the form of a very deadly punch, which is very similar to Monkey D. Luffy in the One Piece anime series


The next new Hero of the Mobile Legends that will be hadri in the next year is Faramis. It is still unknown he will be included in what role hero in Mobile Legends, but if he sees the characters and sticks he carries. It could be that he became the Vexana pair Mage hero. In addition, the character of Faramis is very similar to a magician carrying a green liquid in his clothes.


Now for the last hero of Mobile Legends it can be said that it is not a new hero, because it has long been on Advanced Server and until now it has not been officially released on the Original Server Mobile Legends. Vale's character is said to be the brother of Valir the controller of Api, while Vale is the controller of the Wind. In Advanced Server Vale has severe OP capabilities, even with 1x combos opponents can be killed. We hope that hopefully Vale will be released soon on Original Server Mobile Legends in the near future.

Well...!!! Those are the 3 new heroes that will be released at the beginning of 2019 according to leak from an Instagram account @ml_leak, and however the continuation will certainly be, we can't wait to play this newest hero character ... !!!


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