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News & Games with @bookoons 15

bookoonsPosted to Publiclast year

Hello wonderful people! It's another edition of your favourite show...you know how we roll馃槏


  • Ukraine elects new president in 2 weeks!

  • Congratulations Nigerians! New minimum wage approved! Increased VAT, ahha.

  • More killings around the world.

I am sure you don't wanna miss the games segment!

Join me](https://discord.gg/y5RhVXV) by 7pm GMT+1 let's share our thoughts and have fun!

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Many thanks to everyone that attends and support one way or the other, plenty love馃挐

Thank you @wls-africa for giving me a platform, @samest for the support @marshalllife and @projectatlas for the support with lifecoin, @daniel-otaniel @aquacy @zizymena @wolfgang-alpha @itk4luv @imbigdee @emekasegun @tezzmax @gbindinazeez @promzyelisha @vickyrich @imransoudagar @dawizy and the numerous others time won't permit me to list.


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