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Bloody sunset panorama from the Gulf of Finland shores

boddhisattvaPosted to
28 days ago

I made this panorama while walking along the beach of the Gulf of Finland at sunset in late March. I have already published photos from this evening photo walk. At the end of the walk, the sun had almost set over the horizon. The sky was getting dark. I wandered through the icy shards on the shore and looked for interesting angles. But I constantly lacked the capabilities of my lens to fit everything I wanted into the frame. After all, this landscape was so beautiful. And then I decided to make a panorama. I took 16 portrait oriented shots.

The panorama is compiled and processed in Adobe Lightroom and additionally processed in Adobe Photoshop.

Nikon D5000 + Sigma AF 17-50

I strongly recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.


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