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I am shutting down my witness server today and Givens token in 30days

black-man2 months ago2 min read

It has been brought to my notice that some people in the community have or did form an anti campaign squad against me. I am not going to mention names but I have confronted a few of them and they have admitted doing such.

Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 9.30.28 PM.png

Their Agenda

Their agenda was to get me off the top 20 witness list and say bad things about me to let me look bad in the community.

How were they doing it

They got a list of top accounts that have voted me as a witness and started reaching out to them on discord. Spreading all sort of stories about me and asking them to remove their votes.

Whaleshares over the last 2months has become politically charged and I did not signup to be a politician at least not yet. In light of this, I don't think this is a healthy environment for me and so I am going ahead to shut down my witness server and my Whaletoken.

For all those in with Givens tokens, I will be shutting it down also in 30 days from today. This should give you a good amount of time to use it.

I will also share my posting keys with someone I trust to curate with my account and post when they want to. If or when I have time, I will write or post myself.

Hopefully version 2 and future versions of Whaleshares will make it a much more safer place.

For those who wanted me off the witness list, I am out enjoy.

I will continue to support, host and pay to run Afiabot, until Whaleshares gets it own notification system.

~ Blackman


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