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Double your Whalestake Contest - ENDED

black-man5 months ago2 min read

Another week is here... the contest for this week is simple. Follow the rules below to double your Whalestake


  1. Buy a minimum of 50 - 700 WLS max from Rudex or BTS Dex
  2. Send the WLS to your Whaleshares account and power up
  3. Comment with a link to your transaction on the DEX
  4. Mention 3 friends to join in your comment

Once you comment with the link of the transaction on the Dex, I will check your account history to see if you have powered it up and I will reward your comment with how much you bought and powered up.

Example if you got 700WLS and powered it up, I will reward your comment with upto 700 Whalestake, this means you get double how much you spent.

Investing in WLS and earning at the same time, how sweet is this :) For this round 1 entry per person

Contest ends on the November 12th, 2018 at 9:00am GMT.

Transactions that happened before this post will be rejected.

Every vote counts...

Consider voting for me as a witness from the witness page

This contest has ended... here is another one being run by @vit ... Kindly check that out and double your stake https://whaleshares.io/contest/@vit/double-your-whalestake-contest-round-2-20181111t212402691z-post


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